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Pursuing Peace

2 Timothy

The word “peace” in the Bible refers to a mental attitude of tranquility based on a relationship with God; it basically describes a person’s correct response to God’s grace.

When you see the word “peace” in Scripture, it’s referring to one of two types of this peace from God.

  1. Personal peace that comes when a person accepts Jesus Christ as Savior.
  2. The peace of God that is available on a daily basis as we participate in the Christian way of life according to God’s plan

With this in mind, consider that true peace is…

  1. A gift we RECEIVE (Romans 5:1-2 & John 14:27).

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An Offering of Willingness


“All whose hearts were stirred and whose spirits were moved came and brought their sacred offerings to the Lord. They brought all the materials needed for the Tabernacle, for the performance of its rituals, and for the sacred garments. Both men and women came, all whose hearts were willing. They brought to the Lord their offerings…” Exodus 35: 21-22 NLT

Friends, this was how the Tabernacle was built. Those who felt God’s calling gave their most prized possessions. Those who felt moved by the message from the Lord offered their time, talents, money, premier fabrics, heirlooms, rainy day funds — whatever they had, they gave to God.

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When I am weak, He is strong!


Hello brave ones!

It has been a challenging month for a close friend. Through this trial, me and my husband have seen just how much faith this person has in God and it has encouraged us so much.

Without going to much into detail about what happened to our friend, I will say, one of his family members passed away.

When thinking about all the pain this person was going through and is still going through I asked myself, “Would my faith be as great? Would I be able to get up in the morning and say to God thank you for your perfect will?”

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My View From the Other Side Of The Window


Life has been busy. So much so that I’ve had to put the brakes on a few of the things that I love. I know that God is working it all out. I believe that those things that I have had to lay down will be picked back up again. Life may not look the same, and I’m okay with that. Sometimes we have to empty our hands and take a step back as we allow God to adjust our view, giving us a different perspective and a better understanding of what it is He’s calling us to do.

A few weeks ago I was washing dishes and gazing out the window at my son playing basketball on the patio.

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Confessions of an Overthinker

What would happen if we stopped thinking so much? Over thinking is a curse I battle on a daily basis. I over think everything, even now as I write out my thoughts I am overthinking about overthinking. Is that the right way to say it? Does that make sense? Maybe I should write about something else?

I can overthink and over analyze just about anything and everything. I carry a microscope around with me everywhere. It is EXHAUSTING yall! Don’t get me wrong thinking is a gift of God that we as His children have been given to make choices that honor Him and give Him glory.

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Growing Pains

growing pains

She comes in around 1 A.M. crying, “My foot hurts!” I rub her leg with oils, giver her some pain meds, pray for her, stroke her hair as she folds her little body into mine and finally rests.

Growing Pains

These past few weeks I have had growing pains.

My feet hurt from walking this walk of obedience.
My legs hurt from climbing this mountain of faith.
My arms hurt from carrying around loads that weigh me down.
My back aches from being stretched and pulled.
My head hurts from constantly captivating my thoughts, insecurities and fears.

When growing pains hurt, I want to just cry.

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My Life Verses

My Life Verses

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge him and he shall direct your paths. Proverbs 3:5-6 NKJV

My Life Verses are Proverbs 3:5-6. What are Life Verses? Simply, they are favored verses that hold a deep meaning to us. What do these verses mean to me? They are how I live my life. They guide my life. When I am faced with choices, struggles, and uncertainties—I run to these verses and apply them to each present situation.

Let’s look at these two verses a little closer today and how I have applied them to my life.

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