Faithful Prayers For Our Children

We’re Filling the Blogosphere with Prayer

Please join us as we pray for these children and their families who are struggling with long-term health issues and other concerns.

You can click on each image or name below to find out more about how you can pray for each child.

Prayers for Stellan Ethan's Story emma.png slowmotion.png rebekah.png ivey.png grayson.png parker.png addison.png rachel.png class.png ashley.png
thomas.png abel.png

Olivia King – or her Caring Bridge Site

Thank you for praying for our readers’ precious children.

—————-And if you know of a child who has an on-going need for prayer, please let us know and we’ll arrange to add him/her to the list.[CONTACT-FORM]And you can help spread the word by adding this button to your blog. Just copy and paste the code below to your sidebar or to a post on your blog.

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