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The Basketball Hoop

I hear that there are people who enjoy exercising. They thrive on it.

I’d like to spend some time with this foreign species and soak up some of their enthusiasm and motivation, osmosis-like.

Because I’m more in the exercise-is-really-a-form-of-torture camp. It’s a bit like childbirth for me: painful enough that I need to minimize any aspects that are remotely frustrating in order to pull through it.

I tried walking (not running, mind you) through my neighborhood with my husband and kids. That was stress galore: different paces, fear of cars slamming into children, sippy cups going AWOL…

So, I changed course and crafted a plan I could follow: walking solo on a path of my choosing, the time of day, pace, and duration determined by me alone.

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My Fears, My Faith, My Father

The Presence of God

I gulped hard, forcing a smile as I watched my five year-old slide down the wet strip of yellow. Cold water splashed my shins as he squealed in delight. And still I couldn’t stop thinking about her.

She was too young. She didn’t deserve to go so soon. Yet she’s gone. Just like that.

Try as I might, all I could see was what else I could lose…

Fear was percolating when movement across the lawn caught my eye. I glanced over just in time to see the baby cardinal. He saw me, too, as he hopped over to our rain garden and then quickly took flight.

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Savor the Good



Watch, stand fast in the faith, be brave, be strong. Let all that you do be done with love. ~1 Corinthians 16:13-14

Some days are just meant to be lived, without fanfare. Accepted graciously, quietly and humbly. On our recent family vacation, I found myself faced with some of the same obstacles and challenges I was hoping to escape. Our vacation was one year in the making and anticipating. Big plans each one of us carried along within, of how the week would go. It’s funny, we as moms and women are so sensitive to those around us. It’s in our genetic code, I believe.

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A Glimpse At My Scars

praying womanIf you look closely at my hands you’ll see scratches, puppy nips, a few age spots, and some small scars. That’s what you’ll see. What you won’t see are the ones from lies, accusations, betrayal, and rejection. Those are the scars I usually keep hidden.


Because scar exposure is risky. Revealing our worst scars gives people the opportunity to judge whether or not we deserve them.

I often wonder why we’re so quick to judge one another. Why we feel the need to ask:

  • if a person with lung cancer was a smoker.
  • if the accident victim was texting.

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Creating White Space In Our Lives


You should have seen my to-do lists from a few months ago. So long. So many ambitious tasks to do. What? Did I think it would be fun to write “wash the windows” down on my list every day for a year? Did I really need to write “get husband to clean the garage” again and again? Hyperbole, you know. But there’s a big huge morsel of truth here, folks. And I had to stop doing one thing to discover what was missing in my life.

I stopped writing these long, ridiculous to-do lists for myself. 

I had justified it by saying — it’s a brain dump.

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The Best Treasure Hunt

IMG_0025 As we walked along the shore, their eyes lit up with delight. The tide had washed up hundreds of small crabs and sand dollars. Without even thinking there could be any danger, my almost 3 year old picked up live crabs with his pudgy little fingers. “Look Mama! It won’t hurt you! He is nice.”

And without another thought he dropped it into his purple bucket to join the other treasures he had found along the shoreline.

The older boys ran ahead with their cousins, squealing and laughing with delight as they scooped up all sorts of beach treasures into their buckets to show off when they returned to the towels.

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Summer Savour

The days are long, and that July heat wraps around us like a thick blanket! It makes us want to slow down, relax and enjoy all we can from this far too fleeting season. We know from experience, how quickly it picks up speed. Before we know it, we are trailing beach sand from our flip-flops while we cruise the latest have-to items in the back-to-school aisle!


Summer is for Savouring.


So before we have to  exchange our warm Summer days  list for the one with Fall items, can we add a few more things? These items may already be on our lists, but we might want to look at them in a new light…

Sand shovel –   For digging deeper.

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How to Encourage Your Pastor and His Family


I was surprised by the response I received to a post I wrote at Counting My Blessings last week titled, 12 Things to Pray for Your Pastor and His Family.

48 hours after it posted, I became even more convinced that pastors and their families are in serious need of encouragement and support.

Many pastors deal with a feeling of isolation and discouragement.

The following are some comments I found:

  • The church and people in the community are very friendly, but they also expect 24/7 availability without really opening their lives and homes to my family and me.
  • Some people are negative about everything I do and say. 

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