A Note From Chelle

1374777_627113380660877_1413160932_nAmong my greatest delights is being entirely different from the person you expect when you meet me. A Baptist preacher’s kid, I married an Anglican. Formerly an executive in the entertainment industry, I became a reluctant Stay-At-Home-Mom. Dance is my prayer language, affording me a means of expression beyond words.

I like words, but find that sometimes they are not enough. When they are, the experience of writing is usually humbling, occasionally terrifying, but always enlightening.

I’m the girl clutching inherited pearls while tossing my dreadlocs. I am hymns, anthems, jazz vespers and hip-hop Gospel. I blog here, tweet here, and muse on FB. I went from writing as something to do to replace a big job that went away, and watched it evolved into the thing I can’t not do. Mine is an admittedly quirky but reverent perspective on God and Grace.

I believe that God created and called me to fall down; sometimes really hard, so family, complete strangers, friends, and friends I haven’t met yet might appreciate the limitless Grace that God gives me (us) to stand up, over and over, all while living and writing at the intersection of Life and Faith. I know no other way than to rise, no matter how hard it seems; no matter how often I fall.

My Beloved (husband) and I share more than 20 years of wedded bliss, two beautiful children, and a gorgeous Boxer named Sando who taught me so much about Faith, Love, and Trust that I wrote a book about him-Lessons Learned From My Downward Facing Dog.

Find me at Circles of Faith, God-Sized Dreams, and now 5MinutesForFaith.