Pursuing Peace

2 Timothy

The word “peace” in the Bible refers to a mental attitude of tranquility based on a relationship with God; it basically describes a person’s correct response to God’s grace.

When you see the word “peace” in Scripture, it’s referring to one of two types of this peace from God.

  1. Personal peace that comes when a person accepts Jesus Christ as Savior.
  2. The peace of God that is available on a daily basis as we participate in the Christian way of life according to God’s plan

With this in mind, consider that true peace is…

  1. A gift we RECEIVE (Romans 5:1-2 & John 14:27). Peace with God comes through Jesus and brings us confidence & joy because we are assured of our eternal security. Jesus left this peace through His Holy Spirit, and he gained it through His defeat of death. This gift of peace only comes through grace.
  2. A fruit PRODUCED through us (Galatians 5:22). When we are controlled by the Holy Spirit instead of our sinful natures, when we follow the Holy Spirit’s leading and don’t hinder His activity in our lives, the fruit of peace is produced continually in and through us.
  3. A result of right FOCUS (Isaiah 26:3). Perfect peace, peace without flaw, comes through trusting in and focusing on God. Through time in Scripture, deliberately choosing to place our focus on His will and desires, we can experience perfect peace.
  4. A character quality that IDENTIFIES us (Matthew 5:9). Through salvation, the Holy Spirit’s working and a right focus on God, the peace of God creates an inner reality that eventually shows up in our outer lives. When it does, we become known as “children of God” and are marked by His peace.
  5. A condition we PURSUE (Psalm 34:14, AMP). When our inner and our outer realities meet in this perfect infusion of God-ordained peace, we then find a passion for pursuing peace. Psalm 34:14 tells us to first get rid of evil, and then to seek, inquire, crave and go after peace. And if we’ve truly experienced the working of peace within us, we can’t help but carry out this pursuit.

In other words, the peace of God within us requires that we take action. True peace from God is not just a state of mind or a demeanor, it is an example we live out that will draw others to Him.

DISCUSSION: If peace is a gift, why don’t we have more of it in our lives? Why aren’t we known more for our pursuit of peace than for any other quality?

One Response to Pursuing Peace
  1. Barbie
    July 21, 2014 | 11:18 am

    I think I don’t have more peace because I choose not to accept the free gift of peace. I choose to stay in unrest, anxiety and depression forgetting that the Prince of Peace has come for me, to bring peace. Thanks for sharing!