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Renewing Joy in Motherhood

IMG_4559Do you ever feel like you are giving it your all trying to do it all and nobody even notices or seems to care? I have felt like this lately, over spent and exhausted.

Undone and unraveled. A giant mess.

Maybe you have felt this way too? Maybe you, like me, have even struggled to feel the joy in all of it and only felt the burden?

Well, you know what? You are not alone.

You have been called to be a life giver, dream believer, confidence builder, clothes and dish washer, grief bearer, maturity trainer, comforter, spiritual advisor, soul encourager, minister, grace distributer, teacher, warrior, truth seeker and finder, courageous, and a relentless lover.

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The Crescendo of Praise

The sun enters gracefully, allowing the crescent moon to descend in glorious splendor. Its slender, sickle silhouette dances over the treetops until it retreats in peaceful slumber. One by one, the stars follow suit as they blink farewell, allowing sun’s rays to burst in fortissimo as it makes its crescendo of praise.

And I’m captivated. Simply mesmerized at how the colors radiate and claim their space in His majesty. It never grow old. Each day portrays a new sonnet for I’m convinced not one sunrise is exactly the same with the way the trees sway in unison, keeping time for each songbird as they make their daily début.

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God’s little [But Big] Surprises In Marriage


two are better 1

Surprises are one of my love languages for sure. I love being surprised by anyone. Mostly, my husband of course. The ‘just because’ flowers on a bad day, an unexpected trip to get a coffee or even just a sweet kiss on the cheek when I am cooking dinner. Now after saying all of this… getting surprised by our gracious, merciful, powerful, heavenly father completely takes the cake. I mean, it’s exciting and scarey at the same time. To be reassured that God is listening to you is by far one of the coolest surprises I have and will ever experience.

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He Is As Close As Your Breath

As Close As Your Breath

 “She’s taken some breathes on her own.” Those seven words brought a dramatic and noisy change to the hospital ICU waiting room. My family all cheered and laughed after too many days of careful, cautious smiles to one another. Hope is an amazing and powerful commodity. We cannot conjure it up on our own as hard as we may try. As believers we know that God is good and that He loves our mother even more than we do. So we hung on to that very real and deeply planted knowledge.

A few days later I asked Him where He was because things were not going well for our mom… His answer came swiftly, “As close as your breath.”

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Love the Giver


A wise lover values not so much the gift of the lover as the love of the giver. ~ Thomas á Kempis

I have a box full of cards, notes, and hand-made treasures from my children and grandchildren. There is nothing like those early drawings and words made by tiny hands to express their love. They would never sell at an artist boutique or become literary classics, but to me . . . they’re priceless.

I’ll bet you have similar items. Things precious to you simply because you love for the giver.

When you love the giver the smallest gift becomes a masterpiece.

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