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My name is Laura Allard! I'm 24-years-old and I live in a little town in Florida called Oviedo. I graduated from the University of Central Florida with a degree in Broadcast Journalism. Now, I am hoping God shows me how to use my talents to future His Kingdom! I recently married the love of my life on Feb. 17th! We are so excited and I praise God for bringing us together. I hope my love for the Lord, my husband, my family, friends, crafting, Starbucks drinking and baking will keep you reading my post! I'm excited to learn from all of you and hopefully encourage you through what God has taught me with my life experiences!

God’s little [But Big] Surprises In Marriage


two are better 1

Surprises are one of my love languages for sure. I love being surprised by anyone. Mostly, my husband of course. The ‘just because’ flowers on a bad day, an unexpected trip to get a coffee or even just a sweet kiss on the cheek when I am cooking dinner. Now after saying all of this… getting surprised by our gracious, merciful, powerful, heavenly father completely takes the cake. I mean, it’s exciting and scarey at the same time. To be reassured that God is listening to you is by far one of the coolest surprises I have and will ever experience.

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Taking A Leap Of Faith

leap of faith 2

My husband and I have been trying to start being active again. When we started dating we were both avid gym goers, then life got in the way (as a lot of you can probably relate). We wanted to start hanging out more together but with work and home responsibilities… that became a bit difficult. So what did we decide to cut out in order to spend more time together? The gym. Although we wouldn’t change our dating history for anything, we are having some trouble getting back in the work out routine again.

So we are taking it slow. We have been going on walks mostly every night of the week together.

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Me, My Husband, & Jesus

Hello my friends! I can happily announce that I am now officially Mrs. Laura Allard 🙂 I was married to my husband Rock last month and it was the most beautiful day of my life. May God have all the glory!

As a newly married woman, my husband and I are striving to keep God at the center of our marriage. Even for a couple who’s foundation is based on Jesus, it is still hard to stay focused on God’s Kingdom. With the newness of everything about being married (down to the redecorating the house with all of our new gadgets) we still must make time for the One who matters most.

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Getting to know Jesus


Jesus, who is He? Who is He to me?

Those are the questions I have been asking myself a lot recently. I understand the Trinity in the sense that God is three in one: The Father, The Son (Jesus) and The Holy Spirit but it is still a very complicated concept that definitely requires God’s help to understand.

What works best for me is to break them up. God the Father, created Heaven and Earth, Jesus is the son of God who left His throne in Heaven to save us all from sin and The Holy Spirit is what lives inside of us acting as our new conscience from God once we accept Christ into our hearts.

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