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Barbie is a wife and mother to four children. She works full time while juggling faith, family and ministry. She enjoys a good cup of coffee, reading, writing, painting and spending time with family and friends. Visit her blog, My Freshly Brewed Life, or follow her on Facebook or Twitter.

My Mother’s Sacrifice & An Essential Oils Giveaway


She woke up before the sun peeked through they sky each morning, being careful not to wake us up. In the darkness of the early morning she would peek into our rooms, tip toeing in to lay a kiss on our cheeks before slipping out until the sun would set again on most days.

My mother was fortunate to stay home with us until I was in grade school. But out of necessity, she chose to enter the workforce so that she could contribute to the family income. My father, who immigrated from Mexico, was a chef at a restaurant and money was extremely tight as he would often work 2-3 jobs just to make ends meet.

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Lessons I Learned From My Mother – Encouragement & Giveaways!


“What is a godly mother? A godly mother is one who loves the Lord her God with all her heart, soul, mind, and strength and then passionately, consistently, and unrelentingly teaches her child to do the same.”

You may not be a mom, but you have a mom. Perhaps your own mom is an example of a Godly woman – one who set the atmosphere of love and peace in your home. Or, if you are like me, perhaps your mother does not know the Lord and your upbringing was not led by the Spirit of God. Or perhaps your relationship with your own mom is strained and is in need of healing and restoration.

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Welcome To The Party!

Ultimate Blog Party 2013
Welcome to 5 Minutes for Faith! We are so glad that you stopped over from the Ultimate Blog Party over at 5 Minutes for Moms.  

The purpose of this site is to encourage you and share God’s grace with you when you need it the most. Every day we all face struggles, disappointments and difficulties. We sometimes feel as if we are on our journey alone … that is where we want to make a difference in your day. We invite you to join us and learn from our wonderful contributors (and guests) who will be offering you sound Biblically based thoughts throughout the week.

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In The Blink Of An Eye

I remember the day she was born. Dark head of hair, with big brown eyes staring back at me. This precious gift, my first, how I longed to lead her well.

The age of five came, with fancy dresses, straw hats and tea party and a great big personality began to emerge. She loved to sing and dance and her smile brightened every room. Her laughter warmed her daddy’s heart and I couldn’t bare the thought of her growing up. Oh Lord, can you slow the time down?

Pre-teen years were not as bad as some would say. She, growing into her own personality — a dreamer, a lover of books, learning about fashion and make-up.

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Leaning Forward

Happy New Year!  Well, almost. I cannot believe that 2012 is coming to an end and a new season is about to unfold, a season full of hope and promise. Over the last few days, I have spent much time in reflection.

As Christmas drew near, I reflected on the sacrifice that Jesus made, leaving the comforts of His heavenly home and coming to earth, to be born as a babe in humble fashion, just because of His love for me!

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believesin him shall not perish but have eternal life.

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Power Outage

Tonight as I was preparing to start a load of laundry (the never-ending saga), our power went out. Although we only lost power for a few moments, I was reminded of a night a couple of years ago when we experienced a power outage that lasted for over an hour.

Whenever the power would go out in previous years, my children would tend to get fearful. They didn’t like that they could not see, and would always scramble around looking for flash lights. But since it was not yet completely dark outside on this particular night, they were able to see enough to find their way around.

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The Voice Of Truth

I’ve been battling voices in my head lately. Not the audible kind. But the ones that tuck themselves away beneath the gaps in my heart. They like to come out and share their opinions of me when I am weary, or when I’ve let my guard down. These voices come with words that are not intended to build up, but to tear down and destroy the very foundation that I’ve worked hard to build.

These words tell me that,

I am not good enough.

I am not strong enough.

I am not loved enough.

I’ve been tired. I hit a wall and have been zapped of strength.

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Comparison Is An Ugly Thing

I recently began homeschooling my 7th grade daughter. This is nothing unique. There are many moms who homeschool. But what makes my situation different from that of many other homeschooling moms is that I work full-time, outside of the home, four days a week. Yet, I have chosen to homeschool.

After my daughter finished her elementary school tenure, I became restless in my heart for her. I began to ask the Lord if I could perhaps be a homeschool mom. Call me crazy, but I was willing to add one more thing to my plate in order to do what I felt was best for her.

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