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God’s Will for You and for Me

October is my favorite month. It may be because we enjoy many birthday celebrations and anniversaries. I am sure that my love of cooler temperatures helps my mood as I am a nester who loves the warmth of the fireplace, a cup of cocoa, and football!

In recent years I have enjoyed the sport even more as we have watched men who care about the image they project both on and off the field. It all began with Kurt Warner, who openly shared his faith as he took our team to a Super Bowl victory. Coaches like Tony Dungy and Jim Tressell, who have guided their teams with passion and with faith and integrity.

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How Much Are You Worth?

Do you see this handsome young man here? (Please overlook the pink elephantine ears, they aren’t really his.) Samuel had an important question for his father and I today.

His 8 -year-old perfect timing = smack dab in the middle of The Dollar Store.

Samuel: How much does a foster kid cost?

Me: What???

Samuel: How much does a foster kid cost? My new friend in class is a foster kid. He doesn’t have a family, Mom. Do you and Dad have enough money to buy him?

Dad: Well, I’m not sure if we do son. Have you thought this through Samuel?

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Detours, Detours…

The other day, as I was driving home, I came upon a detour in the road. I followed the orange signs, winding around a neighborhood I wasn’t familiar with, only to end up a few minutes later in the same spot I’d started.

I shook my head, sure I’d done something wrong, and headed into the detour again.

And ended up in the same place again.

I couldn’t figure it out. Could detour signs really be wrong, or was it me?

I watched other cars and realized that some of them were turning left instead of right like the sign said.

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The Hair is Always Prettier on the Other Head

I have never liked my hair. Not even when I was four-years-old and my golden locks rivaled those of Rupunzel. Oh, I liked the length, and when it was properly curled and styled I pretended to be a princess…but I did not like the tangles…and even less did I enjoy the pain and aggravation caused by the untangling process.

My mom, being the one who had to listen to my whining protests, decided that my long hair had to go. This decision was made when I was in the fourth-grade, and it was one with which I agreed.

Oh, but there was a downside…I was in grade four during the year of the mullet.

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Mixed Messages

It was supposed to be a lovely, leisurely Saturday morning. A fruitful stroll through the local farmer’s market, followed by lunch at our favorite cafe and a drive through the hills to a neighboring train-centric town. Something for everyone.

We could tell it wasn’t a completely typical morning downtown from the crowded parking area, but it was the shouting that seemed really out of place. (Rumor has it the film “Pleasantville” is based on this town; only smiles and friendly exchanges allowed!)

I was chagrined to see the commotion was coming from people wearing Bible verses on their shirts and carrying signs promising eternal damnation to just about everyone.

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No Comparison

We like to compare ourselves to others to see how we measure up. I think we, as women, are especially prone to this. “Look at her family.” ” They always wear clothes that match and are ironed.” “She cooks homemade meals every night.” “She never yells at her children in public.” “Her husband is so much nicer to her than mine.” Or, “I would never let my children out in public dressed like that!” “She must feed her kids fast food every meal!”

These comparisons accomplish one of two things. They make us proud because we are doing so much better than the other person.

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Thinking It Through

My seventh grade principal stood before a crowd of wiggly prepubescent boys and girls and in a loud, yet calm voice challenged us to, “Think before you act.” That advice somehow found a way into one of my brain membranes and stuck. It’s something I’m working very hard at teaching my children. Impulse is a deliriously controlling beast. It is fun to act on impulse all of the time, but that’s not how we are called to act. Tell that to the same brain membrane that memorized the words from my seventh grade principal.

I love spontaneity, as do children. It’s simply a part of their makeup.

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While my son and I were traveling to the Atlanta airport last week, I received a message from the airline telling me my flight had been cancelled. My mind raced to all of the reasons why that was completely unacceptable. I quickly called the airlines to see what could be done. An agent said, “If you can get here by 5:30PM, we can get you on a flight through Chicago and get you home tonight.” Yeah!!

My dear son got focused on the task at hand, and I walked into the terminal with 60 seconds to spare. Whew! LOL.

Soon the aircraft arrived and the first group of passengers prepared to board.

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