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Speak Without Words

This week I attended a woman’s Bible study at my church. It wasn’t my regular study group. I was surrounded by new faces. Each one took their turn sharing their prayer request and slowly they made their way to the young lady sitting beside me. She was an adorable mother of two, all smiles and sweetness. But, the moment she opened her mouth her voice cracked and her eyes misted over. “Could you please pray for my marriage?” She asked. “With our newest little one, I am finding no time for my husband. And quite frankly, I don’t want any time with him.

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She is His

My heart is breaking. Transition is taking place. Change is happening and I don’t like it at all. I told the Lord she was His long ago, even reminded Him on occasion about our deal when she annoyed and irritated me. This day seemed so far off. Tucking her into bed, reading her stories, watching her dimples flash with joy over the simplest of things. A giggle. A word. A memory. My precious, precious child.

My oldest is moving out on her own. At almost eighteen years old, she is too much like her mother. Now in college, she wants to experience everything, taste and see it all.

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How Much Are You Worth?

Do you see this handsome young man here? (Please overlook the pink elephantine ears, they aren’t really his.) Samuel had an important question for his father and I today.

His 8 -year-old perfect timing = smack dab in the middle of The Dollar Store.

Samuel: How much does a foster kid cost?

Me: What???

Samuel: How much does a foster kid cost? My new friend in class is a foster kid. He doesn’t have a family, Mom. Do you and Dad have enough money to buy him?

Dad: Well, I’m not sure if we do son. Have you thought this through Samuel?

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Are You an Encourager?

My husband is an attorney. From time to time, I tag along with him when he has to be in court. This week he was appointed to represent a mother who was trying to regain custody of her teenage son. After some poor decisions by this mom, her son was now in the care of foster parents. His name was Maverick.

When Maverick sat down outside of the court room, dressed all in black, it was clear to me, his body language screamed, “Leave me alone and stay away.” Yet, his whole demeanor saddened me.

I couldn’t help but overhear as his social worker sat down beside him, and began talking with him.

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Take Him at His Word

What Has God promised you? Is there something specific He has whispered to your heart He would do? Do you feel like His promise is so big and wonderful it couldn’t possibly be for you? What is holding you back? Why aren’t you taking Him at His word?

Why haven’t you finished what you started for Him?

I have been feeling the sweet nudgings of my Lord to finish the book He put on my heart to begin last year. I have written eight chapters of a twenty chapter book, sent off book proposals and I’m far from finished. My friend Celia has offered to let me write in her home in the woods not too far from where I live.

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A Hard Right Turn

“Behold He makes all things new.” Rev.21:5

At the age of twenty-seven, my life was far from where I had planned for it to be. Divorced, single mommy to two babies under the age of four…this wasn’t the happily ever after, fairy tale ending to the story I’d dreamed of for myself.

After my twelve hour shift, on my way home with my little ones strapped into their car seats, I remember just how dark my life had gotten. Driving the steep windy roads I kept thinking to myself that making a hard right turn off the narrow cliff would surely bring peace to the heartache I had created in our lives.

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I Double-Dog-Dare-You!

Why is it the moment our family begins to get ready for church my pathetic attitude rears its ugly head for all to see?

My daughter had a little friend spend the night last night. With spatula in hand, my robe on and wet hair hanging around my face like the mythological creature Medusa, this child quietly comes up to me and announces she doesn’t want to go to church with us as planned.

Now, I am not one to force church attendance on anyone…but I was irritated. As adorable as this little girl is, I had only minutes left to get everyone fed, run this child home and head back to make myself presentable and get to church.

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While I’m Waiting

Wait. It’s the spiritual exercise most followers of Jesus dread most. But from it comes the fruit of patience. Waiting builds a faith muscle of tremendous hope and perseverance for what lies ahead. Waiting on the Lord is never in vain.

Has the Lord ever whispered to your heart, wait on me? Have your petitions and pleas been met by the quiet presence of a perfect God, reminding you once again that He is in control?

When God handed me four children to raise up He had to of been chuckling to himself. Patience was never my greatest strength. As a mommy I needed it in abundance and I needed to teach it to my own little ones.

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