I Double-Dog-Dare-You!

Why is it the moment our family begins to get ready for church my pathetic attitude rears its ugly head for all to see?

My daughter had a little friend spend the night last night. With spatula in hand, my robe on and wet hair hanging around my face like the mythological creature Medusa, this child quietly comes up to me and announces she doesn’t want to go to church with us as planned.

Now, I am not one to force church attendance on anyone…but I was irritated. As adorable as this little girl is, I had only minutes left to get everyone fed, run this child home and head back to make myself presentable and get to church.

Like Cruella Deville I sped through our little town to take this child home. After ringing her doorbell until my index finger was numb, I discovered her parents weren’t home.

Can you feel my growing irritation?

Racing back home in our Suburban, thoughts danced in my head. “My hair is going to look awful drying on its own. I bet the breakfast dishes are now stuck by syrup to my kitchen table. Why did I eat pancakes for breakfast today anyway? I feel like I have a brick in my stomach. Why didn’t Paul offer to take this child home?”

Like the godly woman I am (interject sarcasm here), I fumed on the way to church. I thought for sure my fake smile screamed “Hypocrite!” as I walked into church minutes later.

Leaning over to one of my girlfriends, I smiled from ear to ear and spoke through clenched teeth, “I am not in a good mood today.”

…and then it happened.

Worship began.

Have you ever tried to stay in a bad mood while praising God? It’s impossible to do. My anger and irritation melted away.

Replacing my foul, ugly flesh was a heart that needed forgiveness for snapping at my husband and for all of the ways I was imagining I would torture my children for creating such a mess this morning.

When we praise Him, we take our eyes off ourselves and place them where they should have been all along…on Jesus.

So, when you feel yourself heading down the ugly road of selfish, prideful, self-absorbed you, crank up the worship music.

I double dog dare you.

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