The Adventures of Toby: Making Friends (Review)

Written by 5 Minutes for Mom Writer Jill Berry.

The Toby series of animated, faith-based family films is made by a diverse collection of artists in South Africa with a mission to teach children about Jesus. My family and I recently reviewed a DVD from the collection called The Adventures of Toby: Making Friends.

Toby is a cute little tot who wants to meander around observing his world. You know how little kids want to take forever to walk from the house to the car? Well, Toby is too busy observing his world to rush. But, like most little kids, Toby’s mom and family are too busy to stop and smell the roses.

Toby’s mom is a little irritable with him when he wants to do something that will take too much time, like walk slowly. The mom is perhaps a little more blunt and down-to-earth than most moms seen in American cartoons.

While Toby’s family are busy bustling about, Toby meets Jesus. On his journey he sees how Jesus creates friends for him and a world for everyone to live in. The character of Jesus is very friendly and soft spoken.

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