Holding On

Yesterday my husband took our youngest daughter on a special trip to the park. She shook her little body in excitement as she moved closer to the swings. My husband gave me the play by play of events since I’d been on a walk with our two older girls. He told me how he hoisted our toddler up and into the bucket swing and commenced with a strong push. She flailed her arms in the air yelling for him to stop.

“Daddy, I don’t have a hold. Too high. Too high.”

My husband immediately stopped the swing in order to comfort her and help her set her hands just right, clasping them to the two chains. She smiled content, ready to begin again. He gave her another healthy push sending her out sailing through the air. Her joyful giggle rung out and it was at that point she squealed, “Higher. Higher, Daddy.”

As my husband and I shared moments from our day yesterday I listened, concentrating on the rich symbolism his story held.

You see, my dad has lung cancer and I’m at a place where I feel like the swing has been pushed too high. I don’t have a hold. I jerk from feeling to feeling. My hands aren’t where they need to be. I need my Daddy-God to slow me down, to help me put my hands where they need to be so I’m confident to go forward. I need to remember that no matter what He’s behind me making sure I don’t fall.

I’m willing to bet there are swings in heaven. And children won’t be the only ones on them. Adults, old ladies with purple socks pulled up past their knees, brawny and balding men (I’m not sure socks or hair will be in heaven, but just play along) and the daintiest of women will be flinging their legs straight out to send their swings higher. And the best part is no one will need to hold on. The old ladies, men, women and children will have their arms thrown high up as the swing pendulums them back and forth. And everyone will be laughing, delirious with trust and joy.

I’m thankful we have a God who knows we need to hold on here on earth and a God who gives us the exact chain links to Him in order to do so. Through prayer and reading His word I feel directly connected to Him. It’s as if His Spirit nudges me forward swinging me on in life. And to think, in order to feel secure all I need to do is hold on.

One Response to Holding On
  1. Elizabeth Mahlou
    August 21, 2009 | 11:27 am

    Hold on for dear life. God’s ride through life is like an eagle swooping from sky to field to sky to new field. Living life on the Wings of God is marvelous — and He will help anyone hold on who asks. Prayers for your Dad.