The Risk of Faith

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She launched herself into the air, squealing “Catch me Daddy!” My husband threw himself across the pool, barely getting his hands in position to catch her as she splashed into the water. She shook water out of her face and cackled with glee. “Again!” she shouted, smacking her father on the shoulder. “Catch me again, Daddy!”

She’s our brave one, this blond-headed firecracker of a child. Her older siblings have always tread with caution, but she throws herself at the world and trusts that someone will be there to catch her. Slides, swings, pools—she has absolute faith that her father’s hands will be waiting.

The Bible says that without faith it is impossible to please God (Hebrews 11:6). Faith is risk founded on trust. It takes faith to please God because it is in those places of risk that we prove our trust in him. We say we believe in God’s power, but it is leaping into the deep end of the pool that proves we trust him to catch us. Faith is Peter stepping out of the boat, Moses stretching out his rod over the sea, Esther standing before a mercurial king, and Joshua blowing a trumpet at the walls of Jericho. God meets us in our places of risk and proves himself faithful.

Unlike my three-year-old, I like to play it safe. I ease into the water one step at a time. I like to weigh benefits and risks, gather all the information, and be sure that what I’m stepping on is stable before I put my weight on it. These are not bad qualities. But I wonder sometimes if my caution is more rooted in fear than logic. When God says “go,” do I believe he will catch me? Or do I hesitate because I fear looking foolish, failing, or simply being wrong? If I risk nothing, can I really say that I am exercising faith?

Where is your place of risk God wants to use to prove himself faithful? A new ministry opportunity? A change of career? An area where you know you need lifestyle change? A place where you have failed before? Count the costs, yes. But sometimes you have to take the jump and trust that the Father’s hands will be waiting. Without faith it is impossible to please God. Don’t fear stepping out into the risk of faith. God is waiting to meet you there.

Photo Credit – Danka Peter

3 Responses to The Risk of Faith
  1. Barbie
    May 31, 2014 | 1:06 am

    Oh to be fearless as a child. I want to learn to leap and know that God will be there to catch me. Blessings!

  2. Susie Klein
    June 1, 2014 | 12:00 am

    Loved this visual of the toddler who “throws herself at the world.” Wow! I have NEVER been like that, probably more cautious like you. Always felt jealous of those who did not stop to over-think every move. But God loves both styles, right? Bless you and thanks for the wonderful words. Susie

  3. Andrea
    June 2, 2014 | 12:44 pm

    I Love this! So beautiful! Risk is faith and it’s scary and hard and it would be so much easier to just not move and be comfortable where I am! Beautiful words and truths!