Help! My Child Has Gone Crazy

Having tantrums is part of being a toddler. Almost anything has potential to trigger a tantrum in a little one. When my kids were little, they had plenty of tantrums. There was rarely a day when someone wasn’t having a tantrum over something.

There were many days when I felt like banging my head on the floor right along with the fit thrower. However, I realized early on all this would do was make one more crying person. Mom losing her cool only made matters worse. Someone needed to maintain their composure, and it needed to be me.

Once I realized I needed to keep my cool when my little ones were losing theirs, I tried to figure out how to stay calm. I did the opposite of my melting down toddler. As their volume went up, mine went down. As their little arms started flailing, I kept myself still.

The wilder my little one got, the calmer I became. I quickly discovered that speaking slowly and calmly while crouching next to my kids calmed them down. Keeping myself calm and quiet was the best thing to diffuse my tantrum throwing toddlers.

It isn’t always easy to keep your cool when your little one is losing theirs. It took a few disastrous meltdowns for me to recognize I needed a strategy. I needed a plan to keep myself calm and help my kids calm themselves down. As I began to keep my composure, the answers became obvious.

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