Monthly Archives: July 2011

Because, This Is It

I roll over and the boys come thwomping in with their big boy feet, attached to long legs, their bear-paw hands pulling back the covers, opening my cocoon of down. They leap into my bed, my bottomless pits, and this one whose “love-tank” is never full. These two sandwich me in my bed, “I’m going to snuggle you now!” the younger one announces, eyes glinting in morning sunlight, as if I could be unsure of his intentions in this moment. This one would glue himself to me except that I’d slow him down when the wild urge rises to romp like a bronco, crashing through the house.

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I was One of Those Moms

It’s true! I was the mom who didn’t want to let her children out of her sight. They needed me didn’t they? It was my job to keep them safe, cared for, and nurtured. What can I say, I got an extra dose of the mom gene.

I am happy to tell you that they are grown and that they survived this parent who was always afraid.

Did you know that the phrase “Don’t be afraid,” is in the Bible 366 times? That’s more than one for each and everyday of the year.

We are not only supposed to reach beyond our fears for our own well-being, but we are to put them aside for our children.

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The Blessing of…Great Legs?

LeipzigI should have been happy as I rode in the passenger seat of my minivan. Beautiful day passing by outside my window. Handsome husband chatting it up beside me. Three little girls riding peacefully behind me. An all around lovely day.

And yet, I was anything but happy. My problem? I had the image of a model from the cover of a magazine stuck in my head- seemingly perfect hair, perfect skin, perfect legs. Although I am well aware so many of those pictures are airbrushed, discouragement still set in.

“Lord, would it have hurt to make me a bit more attractive?”

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