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What do I do?

It was the bottom of the last inning, in what had become a very competitive matchup between two girls’ youth softball teams. The score was tied six to six. It was our opponent’s turn to bat. If they scored, our team would inevitably lose the game. If not, we had another opportunity to hit, which meant the chance to win our very first game.

Their first player hit the ball and got a base hit. Their second batter came up to bat. She hit a long ball which made its way to the outfield. One of our players ran after the ball, picked it up and ran toward the infield.

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The Center of His Word

This is a post I wrote for Counting My Blessings about a year and a half ago. I thought it might be worth sharing with you here at 5Min.

I began my morning by reading Psalm 117 and 119 as God had led me to set my thoughts on the center of His Word.

Psalm 117 is the shortest chapter in the Bible, and Psalm 119 the longest.

Look with me for a moment at the words of Psalm 117:

Praise the Lord, all you nations;
extol Him, all you peoples.
For great is His love toward us,
and the faithfulness of the LORD endures forever.

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Led By Grace

I often spend time reflecting on my role as a mother. Especially on Mother’s Day, I like to know that I am doing a good job. As a woman who wears many hats, including working a full-time job, I often feel inadequate. I admit that I compare myself to other moms who appear to have it all together. I have tried to be the best mom that I know how to be. I fall short. I am not perfect. I need much improvement.

I get angry at my kids. I lose my temper and I hurt their feelings. It isn’t any surprise to me then when my children do the same with one another.

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Keeping Up Appearances

“You have such an incredible forehead.”

I smiled at the peculiar statement. The woman applying my make-up for a high school play continued to gush about the smoothness of my forehead. Thanking her, I explained my skin had not always been the “perfect canvas” she was praising. Strong medication had been the key to calming down a complexion once overrun by acne.

Still pleased with actually getting a compliment on my skin, I told my mother and my grandmother all about the forehead conversation. I admit I was more than a little surprised when my grandmother scolded me. She felt I should have taken the compliment and that I most certainly should not have confessed my lovely complexion was thanks to medication.

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Pillow Prayers and Book Giveaway!

I will lie down and sleep in peace, for you alone, O LORD, make me dwell in safety. Psalm 4:8

Lack of sleep can endanger lives. I listened to the news report and let out a laugh. The story was about new attempts to shorten the hours doctors work in their first year of residency. Instead of twenty-four hour shifts, it was suggested that newbies should only have to work sixteen. I tried to count the hours of sleep I’d had the night before, but didn’t have the mental capacity.

Grace is my third child, but I still struggle with lack of sleep.

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