What I Learned from Arminda

I met Arminda on my trip to Bolivia with the World Vision Blogger Team. Arminda has a mother, father, and four older brothers. She didn’t have the typical arrival to her family. You see Arminda was abandoned. Neighbors in this community had taked her from door to door trying to find someone to care for her.

This family didn’t ask themselves all of the questions they might have asked as they tried to talk themselves out of doing something “crazy” like taking in another child when they already had so little for themselves. They responded to her need. They gave her a home. They adopted her to be their own.

Praise God!

You know we are much like Arminda. We were abandoned in our sins, in need of a home, and in need of love when God provided for us.

We were weak and could not help ourselves. Then Christ came at the right time and gave His life for all sinners. But God showed His love to us. While we were still sinners, Christ died for us. Romans 5: 6 & 8 (NLV)

Do you want to know what Arminda’s reaction has been to her new home and her new life?

Just look at her face. It tells it all.

As we visited with Arminda and her family, her infectious joy worked its way into each one of our hearts. She was loved. She was happy. It showed!

I wonder whether my life in Christ shows? I wonder . . . do I share infectious joy?

I learned something very important from Arminda, a little adopted girl in Bolivia. I want my life to look like hers.

I want . . . life saving grace = infectious joy!

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