A New Way to Nest

Note from Shera: Hello wonderful readers! Today I’d love for you all to welcome a brand new contributor…Wendy Miller from All In A Day’s Thought! She will be encouraging you every other Friday, learn all about Wendy here. Now, on to her first Devotional….

For the past two days I’ve been highly distracted by a bird banging into a nearby window. I watch as it throws itself up against the window, beak, then rust-colored belly, then frustrated, it backs away fluttering its wings only to repeat this pattern again and again.

The obvious reason I can’t stop thinking of this bird is because of the noise it keeps making. Yet the other reason, the more subtle reason is because of what the bird represents. You guessed it, me.

Whether it is an area of parenting, an aspect of my faith God is trying to strengthen or quite simply my inability to be still in His presence, I am reminded of my own fluttering, of my own struggle to trust. I can be like the relentless bird heading into something over and over unable to see the futility of my actions.

It is in these moments I most long to audibly hear Jesus say to me the following words, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” ~ Matthew 11:28

I’m not sure I’ve ever witnessed a visual example of something needing rest as much as the bird at my window. How can it not be exhausted? Two days of this repetitive pointless plight. And when I think of just two days, I’m reminded there have been entire seasons in my life when God has tried to quiet me, tried to slow me down and have me settle in a nest somewhere with Him.

It is my hope that I could read those words from Matthew afresh, seeing the bird in my mind as I hold my Bible and instead of beating myself up, akin to the bird bashing itself into the glass, I could do as Jesus calls us to and find shelter and rest in Him and His guidance.

2 Responses to A New Way to Nest
  1. jeri
    May 31, 2009 | 11:00 pm

    I know how that bird feels. Just keep moving and have faith He will carry you through. 🙂

  2. Gina
    June 9, 2009 | 8:05 am

    We had a similar bird come to our window every morning last year through the entire Spring! My kids called him the poking bird and when we tried to video him or peek out our window, he’d fly around to the back window and poke, poke, poke. We can learn another lesson from the bird. Tenacity! He probably kept tapping on our window until the day he died because one day it just stopped!

    Welcome to 5 Minutes for faith!