Want to Write for 5 Minutes for Faith?

Life is constantly changing and because all our contributors are moms, we go through changes as well.  One thing that many of our readers are not aware of is the fact that we often have several different types of openings for those who are interested in contributing to 5 Minutes for Faith!

We have regularly scheduled contributors who post devotionals on set dates, but we also have floating contributors who submit one or two devotions per month and guest contributors who just want to write for us one time.  We do not always have openings for regular or floating positions, but we love to hear from those who are interested anytime!

Have you ever felt led to write devotions for moms? Do you already? If you would be interested in writing for us in any capacity, please feel free to check out our Contributor Guidelines page where I explain all of the details about each position and the guidelines we have for all our contributors.

We are currently looking for contributors in all areas.  Even if you have mentioned a desire to contribute in the past (or when we were Faith Lifts), we would love for you to go through the process described on the Guidelines page so that we know you are interested and that everyone has the same information.

You do NOT need to have experience!  A love for God, a desire to bless and encourage other moms, and the ability to express it is all we are looking for!

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