Dark But Lovely

I love reading the Song of Solomon in the Bible. This book has two interpretations. One interpretation is that of a natural love between King Solomon and his bride, the Shulamite maiden. It emphasizes biblical principles that honor the beauty of love within marriage. The other interpretation is symbolic of the spiritual truths in our relationship with Jesus behind the natural love story. I remember how embarrassed I used to feel when reading this book because I often felt as if I were imposing on the love between this man and woman.

Over the last year, the Lord has began to unlock my heart and give me greater revelation of His love for me. The Song of Solomon is helping me to better relate to Jesus as my Bridegroom. I’ve struggled most of my Christian life in understanding how a God, who is perfect in love, can love an imperfect human like myself. It’s often hard to look at my weakness, imperfections, failures and sin, and understand that there is a God who is passionately in love with me, even in my imperfect state. But when all I do is focus on my darkness, it causes me to stand far off from Him.

But God, who is perfect in love and rich in mercy, beckons me to come, again and again. He does not look upon my sin, nor my imperfections. To me I am dark. Stained by the world. My heart is in constant need of cleansing and healing. Yet, to the Lord, I am lovely.

Dark am I, yet lovely, O daughters of Jerusalem, dark like the tents of Kedar, like the tent curtains of Solomon. (Song of Solomon 1:5)

I am so thankful that God sees past my weaknesses, my brokenness and my sin and calls me beautiful. As I go before the Lord with an unveiled face, allowing Him to look upon me, I am learning to ask Him

What do you see when you look at me?

How do you feel about me?

My heart is crying out for the Lord to “draw me away“. And He comes and carries me away into the secret place, where He validates my heart with the truth of His Word. And there, in that intimate place, my confidence is re-established and I can move forward and allow myself to be pursued by the One who constantly reminds me that I am worthy of being pursued.

2 Responses to Dark But Lovely
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  2. Kimberly
    April 12, 2011 | 10:38 pm

    “But when all I do is focus on my darkness, it causes me to stand far off from Him.”

    So true! And something I, too, have struggled with doing. I love a praise and worship song that is based on Song of Solomon that we sing at my church sometimes…”Dance With Me.” To think that He wants intimate time with me, that He invites me to come away with Him, that He finds me lovely. I am learning to believe His love for me and to relax in the tenderness of His embrace.

    As always, beautiful devotion.