Faith Lifts June News

Just a little note to all of you to say thank you for making our first week “back” a great one! We have a great team of writers who have joined us and we truly hope you are blessed each day!

This week we added two new regular contributors. Donna’s first regular devotional was featured on Tuesday and Staci’s first devotional is tomorrow. You can read about each of our writers on our Who We Are pages.

If you are not currently a subscriber, but you would like to be, we now have a convenient link available at the top of the site. This takes you to our Subscribe to Us page that allows you to sign up via email or your favorite reader!

Did you know that you can link to us??? We have a great page of images for you to choose from that you are welcome to place on your blog’s sidebar … we even have the complete code for each one.

If you have applied to be added to our blogroll over the last several months please be sure to see if your blog has been listed yet on our blogroll page. If you don’t see it, and it has been over a month since you applied, you may want to consider reapplying. If you have not joined yet, and have a family friendly personal blog, feel free to visit the page for more information on how to apply to join our blogroll. A huge thanks to Cassidy, one of our contributors, who has taken on the blogroll and has done a fabulous job getting us caught up.

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