New Beginnings

I am very glad to hear many of you had a white Christmas, it is something we would love to experience as a family one day. We made our very Australian Christmas quite special this year by spending Christmas night around a camp fire. We spent time talking with different members of the family and the Christmas story was told as the faces of family members reflected the glow of the fireplace and the wonder of the Christmas message, some even catching a glimpse of how the shepherds may have felt at the announcement of God’s plan of salvation for mankind.

A new tradition for us was to hear the Christmas story shared by both a senior and a junior member of our extended family. And as we look towards the new year, we remember the new things experienced at that first Christmas. The lives of the shepherds and of people throughout the world were changed from that moment on.

There is a new message (testament) of Gods redemption for every person.
The old way of relating to God has passed and now people can have a personal relationship with God.
The law and regulations for the atonement for sins has been fulfilled and now through Jesus’ death and resurrection, all who believe in Him are forgiven and can have eternal life.

That’s a pretty amazing message given to some humble shepherds. And it’s the same message and reason we celebrate Christmas today. Now the message of the gospel is ours to share with the people of our world. Whatever your status in the eyes of the world, you are now a messenger to the people you come in contact with. You have a mission and a purpose.

At this time of reflection and expectation let our new year plans be colored by the mandate to share this message. Let our daily lives reflect the message that the shepherds heard on that first Christmas, and let the new life that we have in Christ show in our hearts, words and deeds as we go into all the world.

“Go…and tell all the people the full message of this new life†Acts 5:20 (NIV)

2 Responses to New Beginnings
  1. Tiffany in Washington...for now!
    December 30, 2008 | 4:01 am

    Hi Donna,
    I popped over from Stellan’s prayer vigil on another blog. Your comment mentioned something about a praying for Stellan button? How wonderful of you! How can we get that button? Thanks for your servant’s heart.

    In Christ,

  2. Susan (5 Minutes for Mom)
    December 30, 2008 | 1:32 pm

    Donna, now that is a fantastic New Years Resolution. Thank you!

    Tiffany, Shera made a button and you can take it from our post at 5m4m