Knit Together

Those more crafty than me (which doesn’t take much) say knitting is easy. They say it involves two basic stitches, and the stitches can be used in many and various ways depending on the end product desired. This means there is a lot of uniqueness and variety that can come from just those two basic stitches.


Without carrying the analogy too far but at least admitting the somewhat obvious connection, creating a person is also easy. Like knitting, it involves two basic “stitches” so to speak, and these elements develop into unique individuals of great variety.

This act of creation speaks just to our physical selves, and we’re so much more than the physical. In fact, our true selves existed long before the physical was knit by those two basic stitches in the womb.


Before the physical act of your creation, a Holy God planned you, every detail of your life. Because of this, you can believe that you are here because God decided to do an amazing thing…

…because all God does is amazing.


…because even in all this amazing creation He sets before our gaze, only one part of it bears His image.


In fact, only one does He set apart for greatness.


Before you DID anything, even before you were capable of DOING anything, God decided to create you and planned all the days of your life.

Yes, God truly did an amazing thing, He created you! Never forget that you are amazing simply because He created you.

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