Hearts of Stone

“For it is time to seek the Lord, Till He comes and rains righteousness on you.” Hosea 10:12 NKJ

I don’t really see my heart as hardened, not anymore. Through the years God has plowed and cultivated out most of the rocks and mire, the hurts and unmet expectations. The things that used to cause deep pain, don’t much anymore.

But sometimes everything that I thought was tilled away, stirs and rises to the surface, and I come face to face with the monster from the deep. Anger, criticism, insensitivity, call it what you will. But it’s there, lying dormant, waiting for someone to agitate the soil of my heart.

And when they do, watch out!

Buried somewhere deep, are remnants of pain, poisons that interfere with what God wants to do in my life. That mess with who God wants me to be. That turn the fertile soil of my heart, hard.

The people of Hosea’s time had the same problem. Their hearts had become hardened to God’s word and had grown stale and apathetic towards God’s laws. I’m sure it affected how they treated one another. So what was God’s plan to restore them? The had to allow God to soften their hardened hearts. To do that they had to break down the sin that kept a wall between their heart’s and God’s word.

I often wonder why so many times it’s hard for me to hear the Lord’s voice. When I read my bible my mind wanders to something I should or could be doing. Could there be some sin in my life keeping me from hearing God?

Probably so, though it’s not the obvious kind. My sin is hidden and subtle, mostly striking when I’m in my home. Manifesting with my family and those I love. It’s strong, and sprouts up many times without my knowledge and most times without my control. My sins are rooted, strong, holding on to the bitter end.

I thought God had dug up all the crud in the garden of my heart. The unforgiveness, selfishness, and bitterness I held onto, but like a stubborn weed that’s been plucked from the soil, the roots still remained. I’m not sure why those roots are still there, but I do know God needs to go back in, till the soil of my heart on more time, and nurture it with his word. And I’m ready for the plow, ready for the rain!

How about you? How is the soil of your heart? Are there hidden roots waiting to spring to life? Don’t wait to find out. Ask God to stir the soil of your heart, let his righteousness rain on you through his word, and bask in the sunshine of God’s love.

4 Responses to Hearts of Stone
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  2. Julie
    September 24, 2008 | 1:31 pm

    Wow! Sunday, our pastor preached on “The Greatest Warning” (part of a series on “What’s so great about Christianity”) He based it on Proverbs where it says, “Abvoe all else, guard your heart, for it’s the wellspring of life”. One of the verses he used was the one about taking our hearts of stone and replacing it with a heart of flesh.

    Isn’t it amazing how God will hit us with the same verse over and over–exactly when we need it?!?!

  3. Gina
    September 24, 2008 | 7:14 pm

    God is good and though I wrote this a couple of weeks ago, his timing was perfect!

  4. Vicki
    September 26, 2008 | 10:22 am

    Loved, loved, loved reading this. I’m new to this website and love the uplifting words of Truth. This one hit me today, as I am still realizing that God needs to till my heart even more, and I need to let him. I lost my Mom as a young girl and even today I can’t fathom why that happened, but I do know that the pain is still rooted in my heart, in spite of how happy I am and how God has blessed me. Thanks for encouraging me to go deeper.