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A New Tradition for a Different Christmas

Every year we read the Christmas story and pray before anyone opens a single gift. Reluctantly, I admit that was the depth of our Christmas tradition. I spent countless hours, months before Christmas, turning pages of retail, seeking the best price for whatever items I wanted to buy. Yet, only about 15 minutes reading the Christmas story before we opened the gifts. For as long as I can remember, Christmas day was all about opening presents.

Last year, almost to the day, I remember mostly all the presents had been purchased. I was worn out from the shopping, and growing even more weary from the “I wants” and “Can I have’s.”

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How the Gifts of the Magi Simplified Our Christmas

Several years ago, I was inspired by my friend Mel,
@  Psycho with 6, to change our families gift giving traditions dramatically.

What?! Really?!

How do you get a family to change 20+ years of tradition without a major meltdown?

It was actually quite easy. Our children were grown and our grandchildren were young; so, it seemed like a perfect time for change. Now in its fourth year, this meaningful way of gifting has been embraced with even greater enthusiasm.

The Magi gave the Christ child gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Each represented a significant part of Jesus life and ministry:

  • Gold – a gift given to royalty.

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Life Changes…God Does Not

Life changes…God does not.

Christmas family traditions bring smiles and warm memories of time spent together. For some, it’s hot chocolate by the fireplace and smiles as their children open gifts. For others, it’s the singing of familiar Christmas carols.

But for some, the Christmas season not only brings sadness, but also images of the joy and happiness everyone else is experiencing. Behind warm smiles are empty hearts and aching souls. Maybe that someone is you.

Life changes.

Children grow older. They lose interest in family traditions or move away.

Hardships come and take over all we wish we could do.

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