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Flawlessly Created

You are altogether beautiful, my darling;
there is no flaw in you.
(Song of Songs 4:7 NIV)

I was recently part of an online discussion on MODsquad regarding this Scripture verse. It was a discussion, I might add, that had me pondering Scripture all day long, as well as the days following.

What do you think when you read this verse? I wonder if it’s anything like my first reaction was.

“You are altogether beautiful, my darling…”

As I read this first line, I felt comforted to hear God’s sincere opinion of me.

“There is no flaw in you.”

Instantly the comfort was gone as I thought, “yeah, right.”

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Surviving Unfriendly Waters

It happens suddenly without anticipation or it could have been planned. Change. You find yourself in an uncharted area or time of life, navigating waters that seem unfriendly and dangerous. Cold. You consider your journey. Perhaps you have moved to a new community, or switched jobs, churches, schools or states. Perhaps you have been in a painful divorce or other negative experience. You find yourself among people often, yet your closest friends and fellowship are far off. Difficult days these can be. So how can you maneuver these waters, safely and emerge on friendlier shores? Here are some tips to stay afloat when the raft you are on is a lonely one due to difficult, specific or seasonal circumstances in life.

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When Roots Run Deep

Praying for PeaceWhen my grandmother had her stroke, we held out hope she would one day talk again. For a while she could speak a little, but her words were all too often garbled and confused. A look of frustration soon replaced the quick smile we had always known her to wear.

Before her health slipped even more and dementia began to fully take over, the Lord gave me a gift. It happened one Sunday as I stood beside my grandmother in her church.

As the congregation began to recite the Lord’s Prayer, I heard my grandmother speaking the words right along with everyone else.

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Hold On Tight

A Proper GripThey were my favorite phy-ed days. No climbing ropes required. No relays necessary. I didn’t have to sweat. I simply had to hold on.

And I was good at it. I could hold that wooden rung with the best of them.

My teacher explained it was to encourage hand strength. I thought it was more of a mind game. For I learned if I didn’t focus on that wooden dowel and how my hands were wrapped around it, I always fell too soon.

Now that I’m older, somewhat wiser, and less physically fit, I know holding on tight takes tremendous strength.

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