Monthly Archives: September 2011

The Art of Frog Catching

“Mommy! Mommeeeeeeeeee! I caught a frog!”

Walking through the field admiring the beauty of the giant pine trees and tall grass on our family camping trip revealed a hidden gem we almost never even noticed. Frogs. These were nothing like giant toads but were very tiny baby frogs that looked almost cute.

Without any advanced training or ability to research the proper frog catching technique, my sons jumped right into getting a hold of nature’s little surprise. They quickly learned frog catching requires keen eye observation waiting for just the right moment, a little bit of skill, and a lot of tenderness.

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Getting Back What I Lost

open mailboxA faint glint of something blue caught my eye as I backed out of my driveway. Someone had put something in my mailbox and left it cracked open just a smidgen. My curiosity was piqued. Junk mail certainly does not sparkle.

Joy erupted in my heart when I discovered what the mystery glimmer was. Someone had put an earring I had lost inside my mailbox. And not just any earring. It was one of my favorites- delicate, dangly blue ones handmade by a dear friend. I had been heartbroken the day I lost one of them.

I smiled and thanked the Lord for returning it to me, for caring about even the smallest of details in my life.

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Praying for Blessings

This morning as I was doing my time of Bible reading and prayer I repeated a daily request, “Father, please bless my day.”

However, this morning the question, “Why?” immediately popped into my head.

  • Was I hoping my day would be enjoyable?
  • Was I longing for an easy day without conflict or disappointments?
  • Was I thinking about comfort, happiness, peace, etc.?

Sure! Probably that and more.

I don’t usually sign up for trials and challenges, and yet they come. Does that mean that God denied my prayer and refused His blessings?

Have you heard Laura Story’s song Blessings? Take a moment and listen: \”Blessings – Laura Story on YouTube\”

This song has touched my heart in huge ways.

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