Are You Listening?

If you’re a parent, you know how frustrating it can be when your kids don’t listen to you. Asking for something to get done two, three and even four times can be aggravating and discouraging. And even if you’re not a parent, it can be just as discouraging when a spouse or a friend doesn’t listen to what you’re saying.

It doesn’t feel good to be ignored.

But how often do we do that very thing to God?

How often do we ignore Him and what He asks us to do?

The other day I was reading Hebrews, chapter 3 and I came across this verse:

“Today listen to what he says. Do not be stubborn as in the past” v.8

As I kept reading, just a little further down the page, there it was again

“Today listen to what he says. Do not be stubborn as in the past” v.15

And, still further down, this time in chapter 4…

“Today listen to what he says. Do not be stubborn.” v.7

I couldn’t help but wonder if God was trying to get my attention. And it made me think how well do I listen to Him? Am I being stubborn in a particular area of my life?

How often do I “hear” what God wants of me, yet still do something different? How often do I go about my plans without stopping to think about Him first?

That reminder from Hebrews inspired me to truly pay more attention to what God may be asking of me, each day. Because I dont’ want to miss His plans for me. And I don’t want to miss that nudge from Him–that tug at my heart about something He wants me to do. I want to listen to it. And even though I know God’s love is unconditional, in the same way I’m proud and happy when my kids listen to me, I want to make my Heavenly Father proud and happy, too.

What about you?

Are you listening today?

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