I just drove across town in my pajamas. Pink pajamas with pink and white love hearts, and pink slippers, also adorned with love hearts. It did cross my mind before I left about packing some spare clothes in case I ran out of petrol or got a flat, but I thought it would make a good story if I got caught in my PJ’s so drove off with a little smile on my face.

I was going to a friends house to watch a movie. There are some friends you can do that with: hang out in your PJ’s, raid the fridge, drop in unannounced, share anything with, talk, pray and encourage each other through the ups and downs of life.

In Hebrew, the language of the Old Testament, this kind of love is called Ra’yah. It’s the kind of love between best friends, soul mates. As I was driving home on the dark quiet roads listening to some awesome music I remembered how much I enjoy that Ra’yah we have with God. He longs to be the one we come to as we are. He longs to be that friend we can come to any time day or night. He longs to be the one we turn to when we need to talk, or laugh, or cry. He longs to rejoice with us as we succeed and lift us up when we fail.

Do you have that Ra’yah with God? When was the last time you hung out with Him? If you don’t know what this kind of love or friendship is like, start like any friendship. Spend time with Him, chat about your day, your hopes and dreams, your struggles and fears. Get to know the person that He is through the Bible. Tell Him how awesome He is through worship. Involve Him in your day-to-day activities. He wants to be a part of your life, and He wants to meet that need in your heart for a true soul mate.

This was the song I was singing at the top of my voice (cause that’s another thing you can do with best friends – even if you sound terrible!)

song: Wonderful Merciful Savior
by Eric Wyse

Wonderful, merciful Savior
Precious redeemer and friend
Who would have thought that a lamb could
Rescue the souls of men, Oh You rescue the souls of men

Counselor, comforter, keeper
Spirit we long to embrace
You offer hope when our hearts have
Hopelessly lost the way, Oh we hopelessly lost the way

You are the One that we praise
You are the One we adore
You give the healing and grace our
Hearts always hunger for, Oh our hearts always hunger for

Almighty infinite father
Faithfully loving Your own
Herein our weakness You find us
Falling before Your throne, Oh we’re falling before Your throne

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