Seeking the Father

Prayer for me comes from deep within me. It is a personal in-depth conversation between me and my Lord. God is saying to me, I am here, I am listening lets talk!

Power of prayer for me is the power that comes to us when we realize that God can be, and is more than willing to be our point of reference in the midst of all that goes on in our busy hectic lives. The steadfastness of God rather than the incomplete fragile inconsistencies of ourselves. It is a power that comes when I am able to be centered and anchored in a belief and rooted in a truth which is deeper than the day to day issues we struggle with.

Ephesians 4:14

In prayer our hearts and minds can be focused on the internal truths of our God, and not the changing truths of human knowledge and human nature

Again, for me the power of prayer is a renewal of perspective. Prayer for my needs and the needs of others requests open my eyes to God’s infinite Love and power to act on my behalf. I love being a prayer warrior, as matter of fact when people ask me to pray for them I say are you sure?, because I do believe God hear’s and will answer whether we like the answers or not.

Prayer sheds light into our fears and sorrows, our hopes and Joy’s, our shame and pride which are all a part of our everyday lives.

Pray without ceasing………..

The power of prayer is real and palable. It can be felt with the assurance that God is listening, you can depend on it. It comes to us as a gift, but we need to do our part as well. God calls his children to pray, he wants our communication through our prayers God empowers us and gives us the strength we need.

Our prayers align us with God, assuming we are praying true to God, and not selfish prayers. I used to be disappointed in my prayer life. I just expected God to grant every need or desire. I had a dear friend who asked me to commit to prayer for her cancer. I was sure God would heal her. We held prayer vigils and I never stopped praying for a miracle for her. What I learned was God did choose to heal Linda through death, her ultimate healing came when she died and went to be with the Father. Did he even hear me? Indeed he did, this is not to say we always understand God’s outcome, but Linda’s outcome was both Joyous and tragic. It wasn’t God purpose to make us suffer or deny my wish, while he did allow Linda to die young no matter how much I prayed, God’s healing is in death as well.

Prayer is the most personal intimate aspect of my relationship with God. My prayer life is my time alone with God, to prepare for the challenges of everyday life…. Prayer time is when I pray and be still and listen for the answers I seek. Prayer helps me to connect the dots of life and be led and guided by my Lord.


Thank-you for the power of prayer, thank you for listening and acknowledging me. Thank-you for the insight you offer as I travel this journey called life.

One Response to Seeking the Father
  1. GP
    March 4, 2007 | 11:30 pm

    greetings and blessings from montana… given the week upcoming i really needed to read this. I guess the L-rd led me here. This is a keeper THanx

    GP in Montana