Monthly Archives: March 2013

Wide-Eyed Wonder

Stop and Consider God's miracles

It’s a game we play. A practice of sorts. Of dreaming big and loving wide. And today, of all days, showed me it wasn’t only for his benefit…

He sat cross-legged, across from me on the floor, as he leaned in to hear the first of my random questions.

“So, tell me, bud, if you could ask God anything in the whole wide world. Anything! What would you ask Him? Remember Who we’re talking about here–He knows everything! What would you want to know?”

My thoughts whirl with questions I would ask and I start organizing a list in my mind when I notice: Most of them begin with “why”.

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Our children are not the interruption…

I was nearing the end of my day, and it was a long one. I was long passed the end of my energy, but not near the end of my “to do” list. I was waiting all day for the moment when every one of my four children were in bed, and the house was quiet, and I could have some time to myself. That moment wasn’t coming soon enough.

When I thought it finally came, my time was interrupted. Toddler baby girl woke up. My default reaction was frustration. “I have so much to do. Why are you awake?”

Immediately I thought,  “My children aren’t a season, they’re my motivation.”

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