Monthly Archives: November 2011

real rest

I can see him. Sleeping in bed. His little body curled up and his hands tucked close to his face. There’s the sweet sound of breathing — in and out — as his body rests.

I want to pick him up. Hold him.

Yet, I know, that will wake him up. So I stand there watching him, marveling at the beauty that can be found in a toddler fast asleep. I stand there, in the room, the room still littered with little toys around and books crooked on the shelf, and I bask in the moment.

I really don’t see those toys.

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Giving God My Lunch

Brown Bag (without staple)Have you ever tried to talk God out of using you? You long for Him to use you. You pray for Him to do mighty works through you. And then an opportunity comes your way, and panic worms it’s way into your heart.

Me? Are you sure you want to use ME, Lord?

When I start giving Him my long list of reasons why He shouldn’t use me, He reminds me that all He’s asking for…is my lunch.

My lunch? Okay, not my soup and my sandwich. But my gifts, my talents, my abilities, my personality. God wants me to give Him all that I am and then watch what He can do.

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