Who is Holding the Map?

But if from there you seek the Lord your God, you will find him if you look for him with all your heart and with all your soul. Deut. 4:29 NIV

Have you ever wondered what God’s plan is for you? Have you asked him? For the past couple of days the Lord has been speaking to my heart about the thing I am passionate about – finding God’s plan for your life. Then I came across this verse in Deuteronomy this morning. It all came together.

So often we want to know what God has planned for us, and we pray and ask Him. But we forget to listen. We cry out, “Where are you God, and what is it that I’m supposed to be doing right now?” Then in our haste, we run out the door, on to our next activity. God was waiting with an answer, but we missed it.

Let’s pretend for a moment. You decide you want to go on a trip with a good friend. You tell them to plan the trip down to the last detail, and you will drive. You are excited about where your friend will take you. You don’t know what exciting stops there will be on the way, but you know it will be great. Your friend always plans the best trips!

You are ready to go and you get in the car. You crank the car and begin to drive. You ask your friend, who is with you, which way to go, but proceed to keep on talking and just turn the way you guess is right. You chat on about how great the trip in going to be, all the while never asking where you are going or which way to go. After a while, you realize that you have no clue where you are or how you got there. And you become angry. You shout at your friend, questioning why they didn’t show you the right way.

Don’t we do this to the Lord sometimes? We try so hard to make it on our own that we get lost. Then we cry out to our Father to show us the way back to the path. If we had only taken the time to listen to Him speak. If only we had put ourselves in His Word more often. His words were right there to guide us.

If we truly seek the Lord with all our heart and soul in looking for our path, we will find Him. Join me in searching for Him today.

Lord, help me to realize that your Word is a way for you to speak to me. When I ask and wait for an answer, your answers were written out for me long before I asked the question. Oh Father, thank you for taking one so unworthy as me and loving me anyway.

One Response to Who is Holding the Map?
  1. Tami
    October 19, 2009 | 12:28 pm

    Great visual! Thanks!