Praying for Children

One of the ministries that has always been part of Faith Lifts is prayer for children who have long term illnesses and their families. I’m so thankful that this is something that many of our readers have taken upon themselves personally, grabbing a button for their own blog’s sidebar and actively praying for a particular child from our Faithful Prayers for Children page.

We have recently added a new little one to our page, please take a moment to meet Ethan and his family and pray for them as they go into the next phase of his treatment. He is a special little boy with amazing parents.

If you know a child who has a long term illness and could use support and prayer, please feel free to tell the parents about us and what we do. They are welcome to use the form on our Contact Us page to tell us their story.

One Response to Praying for Children
  1. Genny
    July 29, 2008 | 4:39 pm

    Visited Ethan’s site. How precious, and what a beautiful example of faith! Thanks, Shera1