Princess Playdate

On my way to work one morning, I stopped in to get my morning cup of coffee. While I waited, I noticed a little girl, about the age of 4. She was all dressed up in a yellow party dress with pink patent leather shoes, and white tights. She had her hair all done up with curls and she was wearing lots of play jewelry. As I looked at her, the Lord began to speak to me about this little girl…

He spoke to me that when this child woke up that morning, she felt like a princess, and even believed she was one. Therefore, she decided to dress herself according to the identity that she already believed she was, that of a royal princess. She might just be playing dress up, but it reminded me of the identity that God has given to me, as a royal daughter in His Kingdom. I AM A PRINCESS!

I believe every young girl desires to be a princess. When I was a young child, I enjoyed dressing up in play clothes and pretending, but when it came time to take the play clothes off, I could no longer act. I had to be myself. I may not have a fancy party dress or fancy shoes to put on now, nor do I have a fancy hair do, or wear lots of jewelry. But that does not change the fact that when I became a child of God, and gave my heart to Jesus, I was adopted into a royal family. My Heavenly Father is the King of that Kingdom and I am His daughter, and thus I am royalty — a princess! I no longer have to play dress up and pretend. I simply am.

God said this about me. I will choose to believe it! How about you? Are you walking in your God-given identity as a royal princess today?

And since we are his children, we are his heirs. In fact, together with Christ we are heirs of God’s glory. (Romans 8:17a-NLT)

4 Responses to Princess Playdate
  1. Mirya
    August 3, 2010 | 11:38 pm

    Absolutely love it!

  2. Rachel
    August 4, 2010 | 8:20 am

    Lovely, Barbie, Lovely. Thank you for writing the truth.



  3. jessica
    August 4, 2010 | 7:23 pm

    wonderful, thanks for the reminder. My husband’s nickname for me is Princess, so I am reminded of this fact often…I am the daughter of the King!

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