Seasons, Callings and Open Doors



I am a wife. A mom. A home educator.

I like to sew and ‘pretend’ to be crafty. I’ve painted furniture, made wreaths…I have two pallets in the garage waiting to be repurposed.
I sing. Not just in my car…I can sing. I’m not awesome…I have a good church voice.
I like to write on this little corner of the internet all my crazy, beautiful thoughts and life happenings.
I share my heart with women in my small group.
I love to read. I take bubble baths.

All these things encompass who I am.

But the first three…being wife, mom and home educator: those are my callings right now.

Serving in my small group and speaking to women in my home and on this blog…those are my passions and callings too.
But they take a huge second from the first.

Singing at church…I love it…sometimes I miss it…but right now, God isn’t calling me to do that.
Reading and bubble baths…I do those sparingly, but as often as I can. I’m not called to read and take bubble baths…I wish I was though!

I look at my life and it has been about 6 months that I have actually been working in those other callings. I’ve been writing for almost 5 months. Even reading and bubble baths have become new priorities.

I’ve been a wife and mom and home educator for years now.
Being a wife and mom and home educator encompass most of my day.

But, I have these dreams.
In the secret of my soul, in the caverns of my heart I have these dreams.
They aren’t small.
They aren’t fully developed.
They aren’t completely formed.
They are, in essence, crazy dreams with beautiful intentions.

But…I am a wife and mom.
How do I mix my dreams and my callings?
How can I work well in my callings as a mom and home educator if I am working towards these dreams?

I don’t know.

I do know there are quiet seasons where I prove myself faithful to the work He has set before me.
I know there are seasons for every calling and passion.

I know God placed certain dreams in my heart for a reason.

I don’t know when or how or what.
So I wait.
I trust God to open doors, to clear the way, to direct each step. And I do my part. I continue to surrender my every day, myself and my heart daily to the life he has called me to right now.

Do you have God size dreams? How do you mix your dreams with you callings of wife and mom? What has he called you to right now?

Gods promises are real and He will supply all your needs according to His riches and glory. Rest in knowing that He will provide opportunities, open doors and move when it’s time to move. And if you must wait, gather what He has given to you now around your heart and learn to soar with the callings he has set before you.

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