True Peace

How to Pursue Peace

by Kari Scare


In the post “Pursuing Peace” we talked about how the peace of God within us requires that we take action. We also discussed that true peace from God is not just a state of mind or a demeanor, but it is also an example we live out that will draw others to Him. So, that being the case…

How can we pursue peace? What actions can we take in our everyday lives in pursuit of peace?

Peace 1

1. Do your part. This means not getting even, controlling anger and not reacting. It also means choosing relationship over being right.

Peace 2

2. Keep short accounts. Clear up offenses right away. Get at the small things before they pile up and create something huge.

Peace 3

3. Work hard. Pursuing peace is hard work because living at peace is not every person’s goal. Some people, each one of us at times if we’re honest, often choose being right over pursuing peace in relationship

Peace 4

4. Focus on God’s peace, not the world’s peace. The world’s peace relies on people, money & things, but God’s peace relies on Jesus. Realizing this, is the world’s peace even possible?

Peace 5

5. Be salty. Salt preserves, and so does peace. Likewise, we preserve the Gospel truth and what Jesus came to do as we pursue peace.

Peace 6

6. Be a counselor of peace. Counselors plan, organize & keep order, tasks required of each one of us when we choose to make pursuing peace a priority.

Peace 7

7. Maintain a peaceful spirit. Whether you’re right or wrong in a situation, a peaceful spirit prevents more offense and keeps a situation from worsening.

Peace 8

8. Seek wisdom from God. Obtaining peace only happens when we focus on living by His Word. We must get God’s perspective and not rely on our own thinking, often fueled by our emotions, to determine our attitude, actions and words.

DISCUSSION: What can you do today to pursue peace?


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