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Rest, Rejoice, Refuel



Rest rejoice and refuel

Sometimes we can lose the view on our journey and we need to remember the importance of learning to rest, to rejoice, and to refuel our souls.  It is easy to forget the simple significance of this and soon find the evidence of its lack felt deep.

Taking the time to rest, rejoice and refuel in my day has not always been my habit. Yet, I have found, through those hard life lessons, this pattern has powerful results.  More importantly, it keeps my heart close to the Father, the sole source of wisdom and peace which leads me to live out faith before those I love.

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Get Ready for Summer and Refresh Your Mom-i-tude

The end of this school year has screamed by like a Jet Ski stuck at full throttle. Sucked under the wake of a busy schedule, I’m ready to get off this ride and slow down. I’m feeling frazzled and need to refresh my mom-i-tude so I can enjoy this summer with my family.

Enjoy today.

Juggling schedules and sports, homework and the countless things that mom’s do in a day, it’s easy to feel exhausted by the end of the school year.When busyness crescendos into chaos, frantic moms can feel a little nuts. I’ve been there, and I’ve had days when I was camped out next to crazy.

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