Pretty Dresses, Candy & Jesus

by Susie Klein


Pretty Dresses, Candy & Jesus

 When I was a little girl, Easter meant exactly 3 things to me.
  1.  I would get to wear a pretty new dress that probably involved a very scratchy petticoat underneath.
  2.  There would be a big basket of candy and colored Easter eggs hidden in one of the closets in our home.
  3.  And Jesus was alive!

 I am not sure what each of those things has to do with the other, but I would never turn down a chance for candy and new clothes. If we celebrated Jesus by munching on sweets and wearing some sparkly white gloves; that was perfectly fine with me.

As I grew up, the order of importance regarding these 3 things changed a few times. On my 5th Easter Sunday, I came bursting into my mother’s Sunday School class after being dismissed from mine. Apparently I caused quite a scene because I was shouting,

“Mommy He’s alive, He’s alive!”

 Somehow, my Kindergarten Sunday School teacher found a way to get the true message of the day across to a room full of kids hyped up on a sugar-high.  I have no idea how she did it. I do remember a chalkboard full to its edges with the declaration that Jesus Lives surrounded by sunshine and hearts and exclamation points. That teacher got through the haze of candy and new clothes long enough to make a huge impression on me that Sunday.

In later years, I was all about the dress. Here in California it is often a sunshiny holiday, but we can also wake up to rain and cold wind on our Easter mornings. So more often than not, a big old comfy coat covered up my springy little Easter dress. I hated that and the coat would come off as soon as we parked our car near the church. Why bother wearing a new dress if you can’t show it off? I may have been shivering, but I was cute while I froze.

Easter candy is still a favorite of mine and I loved preparing baskets for my kids when they were little. But I often wondered who came up with the idea to combine messy candy and brand new clothes on the same day! There is no way to hand your kids chocolate bunnies (or crosses) and expect to be ready for the perfect church presentation in the space of a few hours.

Pretty dresses, candy and Jesus. These three things describe Easter for me. As a mom and now as an empty nester and writer, I have never worried about the various icons of this holiday. Bunnies, soft yellow chicks and piles of sugary candy do not scare me or hurt my view of this major Christian holiday. Jesus is still at the center of it all and no one can change that.

When I see bunnies and chickies in the store, I smile and know that the business is celebrating new life and only God can create life. When the ads show women dressed up in pretty new spring dresses, it is to celebrate a season of new beginnings and renewal. Everyone is in on the party for the resurrection of God’s Son. Whether they know it or not.
Bring on the pretty dresses and the candy. You will not hear me grumbling that Easter has been ruined by commercialism. It’s party time! We are celebrating the Risen King, the One Who Will Not Stay Dead, and the true Master of the Universe. Put on your pretty new Easter dress and nibble on some chocolate bunny ears, you know what it is all about. It’s about Jesus, alive yesterday, today and forever!Blessings on your Joyful Easter!
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Susie Klein is a 50-something lady, married to the love of her life, with two grown sons, an adorable daughter-in-law and a silly dog called, Layla. After over 25 years in full-time vocational ministry she is now a freelance writer and professional blogger, with encouraging articles in various online magazines and print devotionals. More than slightly addicted to Facebook and blogging, you can always find her at Recovering Church Lady. Visit her blog, Recovering Church Lady, or follow her on Freelance Website, Susie Klein – Writer. Visit her Fan Page on Facebook

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1 dawn April 7, 2014 at 11:30 am

ANd that is how we get the job done! Amen, Amen, Amen. Also why I love your heart for and in Him. Why be sidetracked, by commercialism… Jesus never has a problem being WHO He is WHEREVER He is found… and He was and is found everywhere… and is to come again ! He is all that matters!


2 Susie Klein April 7, 2014 at 12:26 pm

Thanks for reading and commenting Dawn. I just do not understand the grumpy christians who are always so mad on holidays.


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