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  1. Kari Scare
    Feb 28 - 8:14 am

    You’re not alone. I experience much of what you describe with our adopted son. Loving him is much more of a deliberate choice than with my birth son, but I do love him intensely. God has given me an amazing love for him and a belief that he can overcome his past.

  2. Satin
    Feb 28 - 4:24 pm

    Bless your heart for adopting! What a gift you’re giving your son! I’m encouraged to know that I’m not alone in my struggle… Love to you!

  3. Alecia
    Feb 28 - 10:26 pm

    You are not alone!! Trust me, all parents struggle with this. Parenting is hard all around, and we have to choose each day to take those hard moments and make them teachable ones.

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