To Simply Glorify

by Laura Kyle


She opens her eyes slowly, taking in the angle of the light hitting the walls, listening for the sounds of her offspring, wondering if she has slept late. She collects her thoughts, separating the real from the fantasy of her dreams, making mental lists of what must be done and deciding what should be done first. Does she have time for a walk? Will her husband be able to talk for a minute before he leaves for work?

Often, she busies herself before her mind wanders too far. All too familiar is the path toward discontent, beginning with a scream or the sound of something hitting the floor, ending with tears and sobs getting closer to the bedroom door.

She might start to wonder if this is the only script written for her. She might doubt her value. She might feel the ache of longing for something greater, for something more meaningful.

You’ve felt the ache before, right? Haven’t you?

The ache that looks a lot like a puddle of liquid moving across the bathroom floor or the black hand-prints on white walls. Another bathroom to clean. Another mess….always. And to clean it means it will only become dirty again.

Certainly, I ache for meaning. To be considered worthy, valuable. I ache to feel significant purpose.

But God calls us to simply glorify Him. In everything. Every day.

Not because we’re something special or even doing anything out of the ordinary. It’s just because we are incredibly satisfied, confident, content, secure, and rejoicing in Him and our lives show all that.  It can look like taking the kids to the park or cutting corn kernels off cobs or shopping for milk and eggs or singing together before bed.

It could be in the I’m-so-glad-we’re-here-together look you gave your husband last week. Or the generous tip and thank-you to the waiter. It might be letting someone merge in front of you on the highway with a smile.

I really do believe we should care about His glory more than anything else. I believe the ache within us is more truly labeled a deep-set desire to live to His glory, to see His name made great.

And the more I think about that, the less I worry about my own life’s meaning, purpose and worth.

Steven Furtick says, “Let’s all stop the abstract “glory” talk and let’s get down to the business of actually doing it. Press into Jesus. Live life the way He intends it. And let the fruit you’re producing do the talking for you.”

By this is my father glorified, that you bear much fruit. John 15:8



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Laura lives in that little yellow house with three boys, one a couple decades older than the other two. She and her husband love to spend time outside and are often seen either pushing or pulling their double stroller along leafy trails, through snow or behind a bike. Laura blogs over at Pete And Buzz about the reality of life -- a desperate balancing act where tickles and games of chase meet laundry and healthy meals. She has much to learn and room to grow and is thankful for a few minutes here and there to write. Find her on Twitter and Facebook!

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1 Melanie Wilson August 21, 2013 at 1:08 pm

Laura, this is my favorite part: Not because we’re something special or even doing anything out of the ordinary. It’s just because we are incredibly satisfied, confident, content, secure, and rejoicing in Him and our lives show all that. Pinning this as a great reminder. Thank you!


2 Heather McCool August 21, 2013 at 10:39 pm

I loved this! What a beautiful and applicable message. Thank you for sharing 🙂


3 Deb August 22, 2013 at 2:42 pm

Laura this is just beautiful! I am going to remember to “press into Jesus.” Love that phrase.


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