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  1. Jennifer Peterson
    Feb 14 - 12:34 pm

    OH man I needed to read this today.. I got me one too and I can’t believe how she can push my buttons! So thankful for God’s love and GRACE! Awesome post!!

    • Michele-Lyn
      Feb 15 - 9:20 am


      It’s a daily walk for me. God has used motherhood to refine me, and to learn about His grace more than most anything.

      Thank you for your sweet visit! :)

  2. charis
    Feb 16 - 11:22 am

    i can relate. you are so right that we are called to show love and mercy to our kids in the midst of their most unloveable moments… it is the exact same thing we need. that is the type of love that transforms… but sometimes it is so hard to give away in the heat of the moment!

    • Michele-Lyn
      Feb 21 - 11:32 am


      In this daily walk I am learning both, to give grace and to received it. It’s part of the work of transformation, I am convinced, and I am grateful God will not give up on us in the process. And this is what I hope to show my children — the way He loves us.

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